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09/2023 (05.09.23, 03.10 pm) – Deutschlandfunk Nova/TikTok-Trend Dopamine Decor/How colors and patterns affect our mind.

It’s time to get colorful, people! Dopamine Decor in the house! Happiness hormones for free! More is more! Cushions, colors, playful details and stripes meet harmonious shapes and materials. Which personality does this style suit best? Environmental psychologist Inka Aniol reveals this to Celine Wegert.

03/2023 – Deutschlandfunk Nova/Podcast Ab 21: When we have to rent furniture from others.

Furnished apartments as far as the eye can see. The trend continues. Particularly in metropolitan areas, the offer is oversized. But what does it do to us if we have to rent furniture as well? What challenges does this development bring, and what are the benefits? Host Shalin Rogall wants to find out from environmental psychologist Inka Aniol.

10/2022 – Home & Relax: Relax like the pros

At Home and Relax, the name says it all. Here, everything revolves around the topic of relaxation. In the major interview series “Relax like the pros,” experts reveal their best tips for relaxing with the right furnishings. We find out what environmental psychology can do here in an interview with environmental psychologist Inka Aniol. She provides insights into environmental psychology and concrete tips that we can implement in our homes.

03/2022 – Kaufland magazine: The good life: Home. (P. 10-14)

In which rooms do we relax best? What is the significance of home decorating trends? What effect do colors have on us? Why do tidy rooms calm our minds? Is minimalism actually budget-dependent? And what does slow living mean? In this interview, environmental psychologist Inka Aniol gets to the bottom of these and other exciting questions. In 2022, the Kaufland magazine was awarded gold twice The Fox Award and the special Fox Visual prize rewarded above all the special content and layout. A jury consisting of experts from the fields of corporate communications, media management and business journalism awards these prizes annually.

08/2022 – #LebeFarbe campaign – Living in favourite colours

Longing for colours? The Association of the German Paint and Printing Ink Industry is all about colour. The #LebeFarbe campaign whets the appetite for colour and shows what colour can do. For the second time, our environmental psychologist Inka Aniol gives tips on which tones support our well-being. What effect do colours have on us? How can I use colours? Which colour is suitable for which room? Can I influence architecture and the feeling of space with colours? Are colour preferences and personality connected? Get colourful now and learn more in the interview.

05/2022 – COUCH: Better together. (No. 6, June 2022, P. 44-51)

What can it look like, living together in a multigenerational house? Children, grandma, grandchildren, all under one roof. There’s plenty of life in the joint. Editor Irina Lange looks at this special form of living from all sides. Who will be happy living here and what needs to be considered? Which characters fit well in a multigenerational house? What are the advantages of living in a multigenerational house? Our environmental psychologist Inka Aniol has a tip or two.

10/2021 – COUCH/Podcast COUCH Confidence Club: Our home is part of our identity.

Welcome to the club – the COUCH Confidence Club! In the @couch_magazin podcast, host Antje Fasshauer meets exciting personalities every week. In this episode, environmental psychologist Inka Aniol is her guest. Does my home really reflect my needs? Couldn’t my dining room also be a great yoga room? Inka and Antje are diving into these and other questions.

10/2021 – freundin: Oh, wie gemütlich! (No. 23, October 2021, P.114-119)

Autumn is here. Cosiness is moving back into our homes. Why is it so important that we feel comfortable at home? Which furnishings suit which personality? Why do we actually feel at home spontaneously with some friends? How do we get to the bottom of our living ideals and needs? Editor Julia Floeter wants to know and asks environmental psychologist Inka Aniol.

09/2021 – Hamburger Abendblatt, online: Decoshops in Hamburg: A horse standing in the hallway…

Horses standing in the hallway. Monkeys racing through the forest and singing birds all over. The animal decoration trend is all around. Whether on the jungle wallpaper or as a favourite coffee mug. Our small and large companions put us in a good mood all over the home. Talking to environmental psychologist Inka Aniol Hedda Möller from Hamburger Abendblatt finds out why animals are so popular in interiors.

03/2021 – zuhause wohnen (No. 4, April 2021, P.14 – 15)

What really matters when it comes to furnishing? Beautiful rooms, perfect decoration or ingenious colours? What is it that makes a person happy in their home? On the trail of the living professionals, zuhause wohnen uncovers some secrets for your next project. And of course, environmental psychologist Inka Aniol is not to be left out.

01/2021 – Exposé Hamburg (Q1 21, P.60 – 62)

The Exposé Magazine is published in cooperation with the banking house Donner & Reuschel. With its high-quality design, all real estate and design lovers will get their money’s worth. When buying real estate, there are often many facts on the table. But what role do our living needs actually play in the search for a first or second home? We find out in an interview with environmental psychologist Inka Aniol.

01/2021 – COUCH (February 2021, from Page 21 and 46)

Show me how you live and I’ll tell you who you are! Is that really true? Three great interior lovers open their doors for the COUCH home story. Who might be living here? Inka Aniol gives her assessment. As always, with her environmental psychology glasses. And what do our “living habits” actually say about us? We find out with our trusted environmental psychologist Inka.

11/2020 – 24.11.20 – Hr4 – Britta´s morning: Decoration alert

Fairy lights, tinsel and Christmas tree balls wherever the eye can see. Christmas decorations – more and more and earlier? What are the living needs behind it? What does pimping do to us? Can you tell from the decoration how the resident ticks? This is what Britta Wiegand and her listeners find out while talking to Inka Aniol.

11/2020 – FÜR SIE (No. 24, P. 32): Plan Z

The autumn leaves fall. How do we make our homes nice and cosy in times of Corona? How do we reconcile all our needs? How do we manage to switch off after work? Talking to Cora Remmert from FÜR SIE, Inka Aniol gives tips for a cosy home and a productive home office.

06/2020 – Deutschlandfunk Nova/Podcast Ab 21: How to feel good at home

Deutschlandfunk Nova, the young channel of Deutschlandradio presents stories, information, songs and podcasts. Host Shalin Rogall wants to know it all. What do we need for a feel good home – not only in times of Corona? Garden, cat or open space, the needs are very individual. Inka Aniol reveals what environmental psychology can do for us.

04/2020 – LIVING AT HOME/Podcast Home Sweet Home: The selection of a property – “Discover your needs!”

The new podcast series from Living at Home provides tips and experiences on the way to buying a property. Podcasthost Christiane Tillmann from Living at Home can also look back on a few experiences in that context. In a chat with Inka Aniol we learn how important our own living needs are in this process.

01/2020 – immoverkauf24 – Environmental Psychology: Tips for buying property – 6 “soft facts”

Many people do it only once in a lifetime, others do it several times or not at all – buying a property. The “hard facts” such as financing and building plans are usually thought through well in advance. But what about the “soft facts”? Inka Aniol gives advice for decision-making.

11/2019 – FLOATING OFFICE – Free space at one touch from the perspective of an Environmental Psychologist – An interview with Inka Aniol

With “NOLEX”, the successful start-up company FLOATING OFFICE offers a desk that disappears under the ceiling within seconds. This creates more space, more design and more work-life balance. Florian von Heißen, one of the three founders, talks to the Environmental Psychologist Inka Aniol about how we can profit from this in our home office and what a strong corporate culture does to us.

10/2019 – SPIEGEL ONLINE/Podcast Living Smarter: How you feel more comfortable in your home

The podcast “Smarter living” by SPIEGEL ONLINE offers ideas for a better life. Every week, people are giving food for thought on how we can implement these ideas in everyday life. Whether intermittent fasting, marathon training or relationship topics, it is all about first steps and success. In this issue, Inka Aniol talks to Podcasthost Lenne Kaffka and provides insights and suggestions on how we can feel more comfortable in our home.

10/2019 – #LebeFarbe Campaign – A home to feel at home

The Association of the German Paint and Printing Ink Industry is all about colour. The #LebeFarbe campaign whets the appetite for colour and shows what colour can do. In an interview with the agency Profilwerkstatt, Environmental Psychologist Inka Aniol explains how we can use colour at home. Now it´s getting colourful!

08/2019 – FeWo Helden/Podcast: How I meet the living needs of my guests.

The FeWo Hero Podcast – for all owners of holiday homes. How can I increase the turnover of my holiday property? How can I get more overnight stays? How do I build a brand? Learn this and more from industry experts. The Environmental Psychologist Inka Aniol tells us how we meet the living needs of our guests.

02/2019 – EDITION F – Environmental Psychology: 7 Tips for creating a motivational Home Office

EDITION F has been the digital home for inspiring and successful women since 2014. Inka Aniol gives 7 tips on how to optimally create your home office from the environmental psychology perspective. To keep motivation and productivity always present.

02/2019 – immoverkauf24 – Environmental Psychology: How colours affect us

When we enter a house or apartment, we quickly find out whether we feel comfortable here. It is not only the location, floor plan, furnishings and fittings that determine our first impression. Colours also have a lasting influence on us. In the interview with the Environmental Psychologist Inka Aniol gives us an insight into the world of colours.

04/2018 – SHE works! – Living and shaping life. Finally Monday! What Environmental Psychology can do for you in your working space environment.

Many hours of our lives we are spending at our work. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at it. Which surrounding do we need to be motivated to go to work again? Carolin Schäufele asked Inka Aniol, Environmental Psychologist from Hamburg.

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