Environmental Psychology

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What is Environmental Psychology?

Environmental Psychology is a relatively new science, only a few decades old. It focuses on how our physical surroundings affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By studying the interactions between people and their environment, applying theories from many different areas of psychology (such as perceptual, developmental, social and neuropsychology) the application of environmental psychology into a home or work space can noticeably improve an individual’s well-being, satisfaction and quality of life.

How does Environmental Psychology differ from Feng Shui?

Both Environmental Psychology and Feng Shui have the goal of improving the well-being of people in their surroundings. However, they have different origins. Environmental Psychology is a Western science, influenced by proven theories and research. Feng Shui is a Far Eastern philosophy which aims to influence the flow of energy in a space, the “Chi”, in such a way that it has a positive effect on the inhabitants.

How does Environmental Psychology differ from Interior Design?

In Environmental Psychology, the focus is on the living needs of the residents, less on the room itself or a specially desired style of furnishing. How someone uses their home, live their day-to-day lives and how this impacts their emotions.  An individual’s living needs and home are analysed in an environmental psychological discussion and form the basis for the suggested physical changes.

What are living needs?

How one uses their home to suit their lifestyle and what they need to function efficiently and happily.  Living needs are highly individual, and vary extensively from person to person. They are independent from a sense of style or ideals.  A living environment should be designed in such a way that it conveys emotional security and happiness.

How to become an Environmental Psychologist

Environmental Psychology combines different theories and schools of thought.  Accordingly, Environmental Psychologists can have different backgrounds, for example in the fields of psychology, architecture or sociology. In addition, their focus can be on scientific research and/or practical advice, as in my case.

What education do you have?

I am a Business Psychologist, a Systemic Coach and Process Consultant as well as a mental health Coach. My consulting approach is based from a psychological perspective.

Who do you advise?

I advise private individuals, officesmedical practices and owners of holiday homes. For individuals, the service is for those who want to feel more comfortable in their home and live a a happier life within it. For offices, I look at the office environment and analyse this to achieve a higher level of job satisfaction and performance amongst employees.  I also advise doctors regarding the furnishing of their practices, in order to create an environment in which their patients and employees feel comfortable, relaxed and motivated to work. Looking at holiday homes we identify the living needs of your guests to make them feel comfortable.

What is the process of an Environmental Psychology consulting session with you?

Private Individuals: In a detailed consulting session we analyse your current and past living situations, living ideals and living needs. From this we derive possible changes and improvements, which you can then implement independently or together with me. It may turn out, for example, that peace and quiet is an important need for you, which could be found by utilising your space in a different way. By applying the results of the analysis, together we can increase your living satisfaction and improve your relationships with those you live with.

Offices: We tour your offices and talk about your company, your employees, customers, corporate values and corporate culture. From this analysis, I recommend the design of your premise, what could be changed to achieve your goals. You can then implement these suggestions independently or have them implemented by me. Every room should optimally support the desired activity, whether it be communication, concentration or rest.

Medical Practices: We look at your practice and talk about your specialty and patient target group. This discussion serves as a basis for my recommended changes. You can then implement these independently or have them implemented by me. A waiting room, for example, should offer patients the opportunity to feel comfortable that they can start treatment in a relaxed and confident manner.

Owners of Holiday Homes: The living needs of your holiday guests are the focus here. Depending on your target group, these can be very different. After identifying those, you know how to create your holiday home best.

How much does an Environmental Psychology consulting cost?

I am looking forward to make you an individual offer.

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In which areas of operation do you offer Environmental Psychological consulting?

The individual sessions take place mainly in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Other areas of Germany or abroad can be undertaken upon request. You live on Mallorca, Buenos Aires or Cape Town and would like to get advice at short notice? No problem, I also offer location-independent consulting.

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